For customized colocation services varying from a single server to a private cage: Data Center Arnhem offers customized solutions.

Data Center Arnhem is able to provide services for the organizations that set high demands on the availability and safety of its IT services. The colocation service provision is certified in conformity with SOC2-2. In our datasheet, you will find all specifications of the co-location services.

1/4 Private Rack

Do you have a number of servers you wish to house in a secured environment and would a 10HE rack space be sufficient? A ¼ 19” rack is the perfect solution. Your own servers within reach in a secured environment. All private racks are equipped with two separate power feeds. These are each secured on 25 amperes.

1/2 Private Rack

If a ¼ 19” rack is not (or no longer) sufficient, you can easily expand to a ½ 19” rack. 20 HE rack space offers you more capacity in the professional data center of dataplace.

1/1 Private Rack – Full Rack

A 19” rack allows your organization to safely and reliably house your servers in our state-of-the-art datacenters in Arnhem. All private racks are independently taken out and are located in cold corridors. Consequently, a high efficiently is achieved with cooling the ICT equipment.

Private Suite

Does your organization require a shielded private environment and do you have a volume that allows you to choose your own room? Dataplace can realize a private suite for you in our datacenter. This is a room that is completely tailored to your wishes and that is only accessible to your own engineers.


For placing single servers, we offer the shared colo solution. Here, we make use of a joint rack with power and connectivity provisions at a sharp price. Please contact us for a suitable quote.