Build in a flexible and scalable way on our certified infrastructure.
Data Center Arnhem facilitates Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). The main advantage is that you are no longer responsible for managing the hardware and keeping it in condition. Automation systems always tend to breakdown at the wrong time. The virtual services are hosted in our SOC2 certified datacenters. Both the data centers and connectivity platforms have a track record of multiple years without downtime. Our virtualization platform guarantees an availability of 99.99% that is described in the Service Level Agreement.


Nothing is so bothersome as an automation infrastructure that limits your growth possibilities. Our flexible platform grows along without huge investments. You pay what you use. The portal allows you to perform a hot swap in an active operational environment.


High-quality servers, smart technology, and an optimal network will put your application in the highest gear without substantial adjustments.


Buying expensive servers is a thing of the past. A system manager is no longer needed. The savings on Total Cost of Ownership are significant.


Our virtualization platform makes use of hardware spread across our two data center locations. Therefore, it is possible to choose a redundant server setup that makes use of physically separate locations. These are available with an own glass fiber infrastructure ensuring the highest possible availability.