Data Center Arnhem unburdens its customers at the highest quality level by completely handling the management of your facility infrastructure server room. The necessary technical and knowledge-specific investments are provided, such as the most recent cooling installations, closed corridors, new gas extinguishing system. Security and access control systems, combined with an even wider choice of carrier and IP-service providers, transparent reporting, and a state of the art request ticketing system, ensure additional security.

Service Organization Control – SOC2-2

In 2013, Data Center Arnhem was the first in the Netherlands to obtain the SOC 2-2 certification; the international industry standard concerning outsourced services and cloud computing. Consequently, Data Center Arnhem shows that it properly manages both the security and the availability of its service provision. In January 2015, the audit was successfully performed again.

SOC 2 uses ISO 27001 as norm framework and additionally assumes the KPIs that are included in the service provision contracts. On the basis of that, all processes of DCA are evaluated. This method provides the customers with full insight into the organization’s quality. SOC stands for standard operational control and is a certification that is an American norm concerning information security. Within Europe, this certification is increasingly applied due to the strict auditing and the transparency it provides.

The Uptime institute – TIERIII

Ever since 2015, our datacenter locations meet the Tier III norm. With this configuration, it is possible to manage the maintenance periods without influencing the continuity of the service on the servers. However, our energy provision is fully redundant 2N. This allows us to counter the most serious technical incidents, without influencing the availability of your environment.

Dutch Data Center Association – DDA

The Dutch Datacenter Association connects the market leading data centers in the Netherlands with the goal to reinforce the economic growth and profiling data centers in society. A good image, reliability, and trust are important basic conditions for a professional and successful data center sector. The Dutch Datacenter Association therefore attaches great value to the maintenance and reinforcement of the reputation and integrity of its participating companies. All participants of the Dutch Datacenter Association underwrites a Code of Conduct.